Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bev's Burgundy Qult

I finished quilting Bev's quilt the other day and dropped it off yesterday.
For the quilting, she asked me to use an all over design with burgundy thread.
It turned out great!

I love how the burgundy thread pops out nicely on the white sashing.
Beverly said this quilt is for her.  I am glad of that, I know the feeling of giving away a lot of quilts and keeping very few for myself, so it is nice to create one to keep around once in a while.

I just happened to finished one for myself to keep last night.  It is the second finish from the list I made for the fourth quarter of the Finish Along for 2013.  Later on this afternoon I will try to wrangle up some quilt holders to go to the park and get some photos.  I think the park will be my new place to take quilt pictures.  I love having the water in the background with the quilts.