Monday, October 28, 2013

Cutting Up My Christmas Strips

 One of the items on my Q4 FAL list is to make a fourth Christmas quilt out of the 2 inch Christmas strips I cut at the beginning of the year.  I didn't remember how many I had cut out so when I counted 80 strips, I realized I could definitely make more than one quilt out of all these strips.
(The cut squares above the strips were used in my HST Christmas Quilt top.)

I started out sewing a red and green strip together to get 40 pairs.  I took 12 of those pairs, sewed a 3.5 inch white strip on top to make a tube, and cut them using the strip tube method.  So far I have laid them out in double hour glass blocks, but I may do a pinwheel instead, or even a mixture of both.

I took the remaining 28 pairs and put them together to get 14 strips of alternating red and green. 
 I decided these would make a great festive Dresden plate quilt.  Each strip gives me 20 wedges, which is how many wedges there are in one Dresden plate using the Easy Dresden Ruler by Darlene Zimmerman.   I plan on making these scrappy, and I want each Dresden to have one wedge from each strip strip, but that means I will need 20 different strip sets so I need to cut and sew 6 more alternating strips.  That will give me 20 Dresden plates.  That might be too many for a small quilt, so I'll break it up into two Dresden quilts.  That will give me three more Christmas quilt tops when I am finished, which is good, I have big plans for these beauties.  ;)

In the middle of my cutting, Jasper must have thought I needed a break.
He sat right on top of the strip I was cutting.


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