Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Attic Window Block Tutorial

I write the newsletter for my guild and the chairperson over the BOM asked me to put instructions in the newsletter on how to do set in seams.  So I decided to use my own photos and do a mini tutorial for the newsletter.  Then I thought it would be good for everyone to have access to larger photos if they need them, so I am putting it here on my blog as well.

The theme for the guild's January 2012 Block of the Month is Attic Windows.  There are only a few requirements we must follow this month.  We have to have a winter scene in the center, a light blue fabric on the left, and a dark blue fabric on the bottom.   Below is my version for the January BOM.

Hello fellow Swamp Fox Quilters and anyone else who is reading along today.  :)
First pick out your favorite winter scene and two blue fabrics.  One light and one dark.
Fussy Cut a 7.5 inch sqaure from your Winter Scene fabric
Cut one 2.5 in x 10 inch dark blue strip
Cute one 2.5 in x 10 inch light blue strip

To help remember which strip goes where, layout the strips next to the 7.5 inch square with the light blue on the left and the dark blue on the bottom

Place the light blue strip and the winter scenes right sides together.
Place a mark on the blue strip 1/4 in above the bottom of the winter scene.
Sew to that line.

Fold the light blue strip out of the way.

Line up the dark blue strip on the bottom of your winter scene.
Place a mark on the dark blue strip 1/4 inch in from the left edge of the winter scene.
Sew to that line.

After you have sewn both sides, fold the block in half diagonally making sure the blue fabrics line up with each other. Using a long enough ruler, line up the diagonal edge and extend it over the blue strips.
Mark a line on the blue fabric.  I flipped the block over so I could mark on the light blue fabric since it was easier to see.

Sew on that line.

Trim off the excess.

To avoid bulky seams, press the seams in opposite directions from each other and flare out the center where all three fabrics come together.  Press.

You should end up with a 9.5 inch attic window block.

And if you don't win the all the blocks from the BOM you can make 11 more and have enough to make a small quilt of your own.  :)



  1. Thank you for that tutorial. I am actually going to be working on a project which requires this technique.

  2. Brilliant!! This gives me lots of ideas - thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. These look easy to make but I just know I will stuff it up. Shame I missed this before Christmas. I could have tried to make some little gifts.

  4. Thanks so much, my quilt guild is doing that block this month and I needed the help!