Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tish's House Quilt

I've been busy quilting. 
In between working on my own projects, I have been working on this House Quilt that Tish made.
She told me to add the blue border on for her and do what ever with it.

I had fun playing around with thise one.  I really love her woven pineapple.

I put some grass quilting in her front yard.

and did some more circle feathers.

I stitched around the windows and doors and the frame of the house, you can see those better from the back.

I also finished up Lorene's quilt this week. I will post that one tomorrow.

Now I am off to the machine to sew up some Baby Cake blocks.
I am watching the baby this week so I better take advantage of that afternoon nap!


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