Friday, April 13, 2012

Baby Cakes Top Done

I've been busy sewing blocks together and got my Baby Cakes top together.

I also got the quilting done on my second shirt quilt.  All it needs is the binding.
It is sitting next to the lily I won at our last guild meeting. 
They were the centerpieces for out Southern Tea Party activity.
At the end of the meeting they gave them all away as door prizes and the last name they picked to take one home was mine!!!  

I also won the guild block of the month!  
I am super excited about that too. 
I laid out all the blocks last night to get an idea of how I wanted to put them all together
and have decided to turn them on point.  I am two blocks short though.

I thought about moving the two in the center to the bottom and putting two empty squares in the middle so I can quilt something spiffy on them. Or I can just make two more blocks.
I also need to figure out what color sashing I want to use.
I will think on it for a bit while I get the quilting done on some of my other quilts.



  1. How about leaving two blank blocks "wherever" in the quilt & embroidering a flower on them? Good luck. I never win anything!

  2. Love the Baby Cakes,, fantastic colours!

  3. Love your baby cakes! Wonderful projects!

  4. Your baby cakes quilt is so sweet! Congrats on the Lilies and also the great flower blocks!

  5. I've been thinking of making this pattern for my upcoming grandson. So nice to see it in blues/greens. Great job, it's delightful!