Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gaggle of Geese

I must have some form of Quilters ADD.  I can sit at the sewing machine or cutting table for hours no problem, but I usually end up working on a couple different projects during that time.  Very seldom do I take one project and work on it from start to finish.  For instance, yesterday I started fiddling with my tube blocks, but then I ended up cutting and sewing together all my flying geese for my Schnibbles "Summer Day" quilt this month.  

Luckily this time I didn't' have to spend time picking out fabrics for this project (which sometimes takes me days) because a couple months ago I bought a kit from Quilt Taffy that had the pattern and all the fabrics picked out for me.  So when they announced "Summer Day" as the new pattern this month I got excited since I already had everything I needed.  The girls at Quilt Taffy picked out a Sophie charm pack and some yardage to go with it.  They did a great job, I am loving all the geese in these soft colors.



  1. I like Sophie fabric too. Cute little geese blocks.

  2. Your little geese are adorable! The ladies at Quilt Taffy are wonderful and pretty talented to put this kit together.