Monday, August 1, 2011

Le Petite for July - George

Top Finished, Quilted, and Bound this time around.  Yay!  I love it when I have time to do the Le Petite project for the month from start to finish.  Usually I only have time to make the top.

I used two "Canning Day" Charm packs from Connecting Threads for this cutie and then some yardage from my stash for the sashing and yellow border.
I really enjoy quilting feathers.  They are all freehand since I really don't enjoy marking them.  

For each individual center block I used a pre-printed design on tear away paper.  I got the papers years ago off eBay for a great deal, but never ended up having a quilt with blocks small enough to use them till now.  They are wonderful.  I think I will plan more quilts with these size blocks so I can use up the rest of the papers.

I see a lot of quilts rolled up like this on other blogs and I like the look of them, so here is my version.  :)

Can you have too many pictures of the same quilt???



  1. No, you can't have too many pictures of the same quilt, at least not when it's as nice as yours :-) I love it......all quilted too! Very impressive. I like the rolled up quilt picture :-) A fun way to see a quilt :-)

  2. Never! the more the better. Beautiful quilt love the fabrics.

  3. The quilt ia so nice. Love the fabric. I have used the printed quilting paper before. I had really good luck. Only draw back is pulling off the paper.