Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From This....

To This....

 Today I finished zig zagging the smaller one and glued the swirly part on the big one.

Is it too early to put out fall decorations?

The two bowls combined are made up of 100 yards of cotton clothesline.
My Daughter wrapped all the clothesline for me while she watched TV.  

Below is the fabric we used for both bowls.  I got a lot of it a couple years ago for about $1 a yard so I didn't mind cutting some of it up for these bowls.  It has all my favorite fall colors in it and I was anxious to see how it would look in these bowls.



  1. I looks lovely! I have made trivets with the coiled rope, but not bowls yet. I made mine by coiling the fabric around as I was sewing. How did you fasten your strips to the rope before sewing it? I like your method better!

  2. I love them and how handy would be... were they easy to make? xxx

  3. Your baskets look fabulous. I have made many of these in the past and I always wrap it while I am zig-zag stitching the cord together. I never realized that you could wrap the fabric onto the cording before sewing. I would think your way would be better. I am going to have to give this a try.

    I really like the design you put on the outside of the basket.

  4. Love the baskets. You chose a wonderful fabric for it. I've seen these baskets before but was a little intimidated by them because I assumed they were difficult to do.

  5. Love your bowls! I have been wanting to try this, but too chicken. Your fabric made me smile because I have a slightly different version of this fabric on my blog.