Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back To My String Blocks

I had some time to work on the string blocks for the quilt I am making for my husband's Aunt.
With 12 blocks complete I am halfway finished.

With the pieces I had leftover from trimming the above blocks, I fiddled around with some crumb blocks.    Hmm, I think I may be a little obsessive with the crumbs.  These blocks measure 4.5in square and the block on the right has 36 pieces in it... 

But, if I have enough crumbs left over to make 61 more of these then I can make a quilt like Natasha made here.



  1. Awesome! I have been slowly saving shirts from family members (my boys, husband, now deceased grandfather, etc) and will make a lovely memory filled quilt from them someday!

  2. I am currently making a string quilt and was just throwing out the leftover little pieces. Your crumb block (which I had never heard of before) are great. Your string blocks are perfect.

  3. I just love those blocks...drooling here!!!

  4. That is going to be a wonderful memory quilt for your aunt. I love these string blocks. That quilt by Julie has been a favorite of mine--so much so that I just bought Evelyn Sloppy's book last month. Another bucket list quilt!