Saturday, July 23, 2011

Found My Machine

After a busy summer spent on the road visiting relatives and playing at the beach I have finally returned home long enough to play around on my machine again. First thing on the list, finish up some client quilts and a donation quilt.

This first quilt wasn't made entirely by me. A guild member donated the top and backing to the guild and asked if someone would quilt it and I volunteered.  One of our members is from Japan and she has set up a project to have a bunch of needed quilts sent to Japan in the middle of August.  So this is my contribution to that cause.  I was going to just meander all over it, but for some reason the quilt just wouldn't let me do that. It begged me to do something different  ;)  So I did some free hand quilting in each block.  It was really fun coming up with ideas for each block.

 This next one is a quilt made by one of my guild mates.  She hand embroidered all the flower blocks and paired them with some nice batiks.  First I did an echo stitch around all the flowers, then I did some swirl meandering around each one.  My guild mate doesn't like dense heavy quilting.  She likes the quilt to feel more soft and fluffy.  So for the rest of the quilt I did a loose meander all over.  Then I trimmed the batting edges so all that she needs to do now is add the binding. 

Next on my quilting to do list is to finish up another quilt for this same client.  It is already basted and ready for quilting.  After that I need to add a sleeve on one of the quilts I made for my neighbor in December.  They want to be able to hang it on the wall instead of drape it over the couch as they first envisioned.  That should keep me busy the next few days.