Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two newest doodle landscapes

The black and white part of the top drawing had been finished for a couple weeks.  
I finished the black and white part of the bottom drawing last Sunday.
I added color to both of them this afternoon.
 I usually use a box of 8 Crayola colored pencils for these, but today, for the drawing on the bottom, I decided I wanted a few more colors to choose from for the grasses by the stream.  So I broke out my old set of Prismacolor pencils.  Wow, I forgot how nice those colored pencils are.  It has been many many years since I have used them.  I am glad they haven't crumbled to dust while waiting for me to return to them. 

This inspiration for this stream drawing came from Angela over at The Adventures of Angelcat.  In February she was posting beautiful photos of some of her walks around the country side.  I was so impressed with her photos that I used one as my main inspiration for this drawing.


  1. Impressive! You take doodling to a high art!

  2. What an amazing drawing! I love it :-) Do you draw much? I am pretty new to your blog so I'm not sure. I love all of the detail!

  3. Your drawing look very Van Gogh ish!

  4. These are fabulous Leah. And how exciting that my photos inspired one of them :) You've made my day!