Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2 down, 3 to go

Last night I finished up the biggest of the 5 quilts I basted a couple weeks ago. This one is so big, I had to drape it over the fence and it's still missing about 3 feet.  It measures 98 x 110.

For the quilting on this one I did some meandering swirls with some leaves mixed in and I used a new type of thread.  For the first time I used a variegated thread from Sulky, and wow, I love it!  It is 12 wt 100% long staple cotton.  The texture of it is so wonderful and it adds so much extra to the quilt.  

 I did have to buy it online though because none of the craft stores around here had any variegated quilting thread.  At first I was worried that the colors wouldn't match what I saw on my monitor, so I was crossing my fingers hoping that the two spools I bought would go well with the quilt, and thankfully they blended right in with the quilt colors.  They were a perfect match for each other.


During the day today, I spent my time basting and quilting another quilt for a guild mate.  So technically I really have a total of 6 quilts basted, and tonight 3 are finished.  Unfortunately I can't show the one I quilted tonight until after June 2.  It is for my quilt guild's yearly challenge and those quilts are suppose to remain secret till they are revealed at our Guild Show in June.  But I shall take pictures and when June 2nd passes I will post photos.  It really is a unique quilt.

Tomorrow is Guild Day and I will deliver the three quilts I have finished.
Then tomorrow evening I can get started on quilt number 4.



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  1. Great job! Lovely have been busy :-) I can't wait to see the secret quilt when it's time.