Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Endless Summer Quilted

 I had planned to baste and quilt the Pinwheel baby quilt last night, but I didn't have any white cotton batting. I thought for sure I had a small package left, but I must have used it for something else because I couldn't find it anywhere.  I didn't even have enough scraps of white batting to get a piece big enough for the little baby quilt. 

But, while I was searching for the white batting, I did find some nice pieces of beige batting that fit perfect for my Endless Summer quilt top.  So I sewed those batting pieces together and then basted the layers of my Endless Summer quilt together.  I had an idea I wanted to use for the yellow triangle spaces, so I started the quilting right away last night and after doing some quick house chores this morning, I finished quilting the rest of the quilt.  Then while watching biographies on Hulu this afternoon, I hand stitched the binding down on the back.

I like the quilting I did all except in the sashing.  It didn't come out as smooth as I would have liked.  I thought I would be able to make nice smooth even curves if I used the points of the pinwheels and seams lines as base points for my arcs, but I got wobbly and some things got off center as I turned the quilt under the machine.  Unlike other freehand quilt designs, I feel like these wavy lines need more precision for a more smooth profession look.  I almost wanted to rip out all the sashing stitches and start over, but I refrained.  I suppose I will have to break down and actually mark my quilts from now on when I really want precision in certain areas of my quilting.
Free hand feathers are more forgiving when it comes to wobbly lines.  I really enjoy doing those.

 Now I have a nice spring time quilt to decorate the house with just in time to decorate for Easter.   Later on tonight when I go into town, I will pick up some white batting at Hobby Lobby with my 40%off coupon.  I love using my coupon on cotton batting.  After using cotton batting so often lately, it is painful to go back to polyester batting and that coupon really helps bring down the price of the cotton batting I have come to love.  I really like how the cotton sticks to the top and backing.  It really helps eliminate bunching on the back of the quilt when I machine quilt.

I still have those two other quilts I basted a couple weeks ago waiting to be quilted.  One of them fits in nice with my spring decoration too, so hopefully I can get it finished before too long and enjoy it  this spring season.


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