Monday, March 21, 2011

Basting Away - 5 Quilts Ready for Quilting

Over the weekend I basted one of the quilts that I am quilting for one of my guild mates. It is a biggy, a full size King and then some.  I had to move all the couches out of the way to get it all pinned.  

Since I still had all the furniture moved out of the way this morning, I decided to take advantage of the space and baste a few more quilt tops. 

This is another top I am quilting for a guild mate. It measures 70 x 70

This next one is the one I was working on at the end of February.
It is on the list of quilts to get quilted by the end of the month.  It is going to a good friend in TN.

This is my Le Petite project for February.  

And this zig zag quilt is the one I started in Nov of 2009.  Wow, I didn't realize over a year has gone by since I started this one.  If I didn't have photos and time stamped proof on my blog, I would have sworn it was only a couple months ago when I cut out the blocks.  Either way, it will feel good to get this pink zig zag quilt finished and off the UFO pile.

That is 5 quilts ready to go.  Phew, I am so glad that part is over. I am sighing a huge sigh of relief to have these quilts basted. The basting part is always where the hold up is when it comes to completing my tops.  I really don't enjoy this part of the quilting process.  But once they are basted, it doesn't take too long to get them quilted.  Mainly because I am worried if I leave the pins in too long they will leave rust marks on my quilt. So I make a point of getting them done as soon as possible.   


  1. Oh my you are going to be one busy girl... happy quilting xxx

  2. Wow! Lots of quilting going on at your house! You are inspiring me to get quilting the pile of tops on my floor :-)