Monday, October 31, 2022

It's in the Bag with By Annie and Island Batik


The Island Batik Ambassador Bag Challenge is one of my favorite challenges.  It features patterns from ByAnnie.  The patterns are always easy to read and come with extra add on videos.  Together you can't go wrong making any of these patterns!

This month I am showing off "A Place for Everything 2.0". 
Sewn together with Schmetz Needles 

and 50 wt Aurifl Thread in matching colors.

For this project we got to pick out the fabrics. 

 I chose the main fabric and the coordinating pink from the Sunset Plains line by Kathy Engle.  The yellow comes from the Island Batik Foundations lines.  I wanted something bright and fun every time I opened the bag.  And pink and yellow make a great color combo.

This bag is loaded with pockets!

For this bag, I particularly like how you can take the two pocket pages out.

Annie's videos help you make everything. If you are a visual learner they are a must to watch!
She has free ones to help with binding and zippers as well as the detailed add on video specific to the pattern.

There are so many different options for this bag and you can design the pockets to fit your needs.  
The introduction video for this bag has some great idea.  You can check it out on the details page for the pattern:  A Place for Everything 2.0

There were some bulky seams in some places, but the Schmetz needles went through everything with out any problems.  The video suggests using a 90/14 size needle, but I already had an 80/12 in the machine and that just worked fine.

The next step in this project it to fill it up with all my quilting goodies!

And then figure out what By Annie pattern I want to make next!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Beautiful! This is one ByAnnie bag that I haven't made and I've made a lot! I will actually finish Bon Voyage today!! She has so many great patterns and awesome instructions, too.