Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cabbage One Block Wonder

 Another UFO off my list! Yay! 
I started this one in November of 2017 and finished at the beginning of June.

Several reasons kept this one a UFO for a while.  Of course I made other quilts in between for other people or occasions, but the first delay in this one was when I cut a whole in one of my triangles as I was trimming dog ears off one of my hexagons.... frustrated with that, it sat while I tried to figure out what to do to fix it.

The I realized I could fussy cut the same triangle out of the left over yardage I had.  So did that and it was on it's way to completion...  until it was time to pick the layout.

Picking the layout for this one took a while.  I couldn't find something I was really happy with. I went through several different versions letting them each sit on the design wall a couple days to see if I liked them.  I tried random all over, a swirly heart shaped heart with the pinks, a swoosh of yellow...

And finally settled on pink coming from the top left corner going to the center.  But I was one block short.  So it sat.  I tried cutting out a big hexagon from the print, but that didn't look right.  Then I saw  a tip online to use the left over edge pieces from the cut original strips and sew them together to make more triangles.  I did that and had my last hexagon.

Now that the layout chosen, I needed the perfect inner border fabric.

I took one of my half hexies with me to several quilt shops, but couldn't find anything that I liked.  So it the sat...

After several months, I finally found the perfect pink and white print online and ordered it.  I was back in business.  Until...

I couldn't find that half hexagon swatch I took to the store!  I looked everywhere: in my purse several times, all over the sewing room, every room in the house, all my jacket pockets, and in the car, but it was no where to be found.  I really didn't' know what to do now... so it sat.

I thought, maybe I will just leave it out. It was on the edge of the quilt, so it wouldn't draw too much attention, but deep down inside I wanted to have a full hexagon.  I had already convinced myself I didn't have enough yardage to fussy cut three more triangles, but decided to see if I could get at least one original triangle and two somewhat similar. When I finally pulled out my left over yardage, I found had enough to get three full triangles!  I was excited and could have kicked myself for not pulling out the original fabric sooner.  

I made that last half hexagon and didn't stop till this one was finished. I got the inner border sewed on and added the last of the original fabric for the outer border.

I had this lovely floral print in my stash with almost all the same colors of the cabbage fabric, just a little brighter, so it went on the back with some pink, green, and yellow.

I like the back just as much as the front, so bright and fun!

I am glad to call this one finished!  Now on to the next one!

Happy Quilting.



  1. It is so pretty. I have fabric to make a OBW but haven't even started mine. I got quite a chuckle reading about this quilt and all the road blocks you had met. I started 'quilting' on a quilt and that's when I realized I don't know if I made the binding before, made the label, or saved fabric to do either. You've given me hope...most UFOs will get finished with time!!

  2. I love this. I have yet to do it but this tempts me. What a saga with that missing piece!

  3. I want to make a one block wonder someday, this was a great use of this bold fabric. How much yardage did you start with?

  4. Overall, what fun you must have had with this quilt - it's beautiful!