Saturday, January 14, 2017

Quiet Play Swap - Circle of Love

I'm still catching up on posting last years mini quilts.  This next one was done for a swap called Quiet Play.  This swap used patterns exclusively by Kristi of Quiet Play.  There were two versions of this swap.  You could be in the group that choose any of her patterns, or you could be in the group that specifically used her Circle of Love Pattern. I joined the Circle of Love group.
My partner said pretty much anything goes, so I went with my favorite color combo: Rainbow. 

The first quarter went together pretty smooth....

Followed by the other three... 

The longest part was trying to decide how to quilt it.  It sat on the sewing machine for a couple days while I brain stormed.

I ended up quilting wavy lines branching out from the center.
I finished it off with a black binding to tie all the colors together.
This mini is now happily residing in Texas.

And this is the quilt I received from my partner.

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