Monday, January 16, 2017

Crayon Challenge Swap

I really enjoyed this next swap.  The swap host mailed out postcard to everyone with three different colors on it.  You were only allowed to use those three colors to make a quilt.
I had plenty of Caribbean gran and lots of oranges that matched Bittersweet in my stash, but it was tough finding anything that went with Mango Tango. I finally found some quilters candy fabric I had brought from Connecting Threads that matched perfect. 

After perusing my partners Instagram feed I decided to go with a non  tradition block that matched her style more.  I found the perfect kitty block from Sugarido.

Kitty and fish bones.  Matched up with my color card.  I love this cute little block!
He shipped out around the end of October 2016 and is now happily resting in Virginia.

My partner choose a geometric pattern for me and nailed her color card as well.


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