Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rainbow Mini Swap - Round 2

The next swap I mailed out this year was my Rainbow Round 2 Mini.
I didn't participate in round one because it happened before I started swapping minis on Instagram.
But I was definitely happy to be a part of round 2.
I found a perfect quilt online, but was unable to find the actual pattern, so I recreated it in EQ7.
I was also able to make it the right size for the swap.

I pulled rainbow colors from my scrap bins and did some paper piecing to get my points perfect.

I was really excited how the colors were coming together and started sewing the rows together. When I got to the point pictured above I realized I forgot to add the white corners to each of the colored nine patches to give the quilt it's illusion of circles.

Instead of taking everything apart I decided to skip the white corner pieces and quilted it up the way it was.

The finished Rainbow mini.

And this is the mini I received from my partner.
A fun unique take on the theme.

Stay tuned for more minis.



  1. I love it even with your "mistake"!! What do you do with your mini's you get in return?

  2. I like how colorful this is. The white parts almost seem like dogwood flowers and the colorful parts really pop!