Monday, August 29, 2016

Tula JayBird Mini

This was a fun swap.  You had to use Tula Pink Fabrics as your main fabrics along with any Jaybird Mini Quilt Pattern.  
With so many combinations available it was hard to choose, but after much deliberation I chose an Eden Charm pack and the Tiny Dancer pattern. I bought the Mini Hex N More ruler to go with it, which I ended up using for my skinny mini swap as well.

Working on a layout.

I ended up with my lone yellow pinwheel in the center,
followed by the greens, purples, and then reds.

All quilted up and ready to ship out. 

Stay tuned for more minis!



  1. Both minis have been very nice and you put a lot of work into them! So the last post (the mini), your partner got hers, but you didn't get one back from her or another lady?? That sucks.

  2. It's dizzying and lovely all at once. The pinwheels give it a real spinning quality.