Sunday, January 24, 2016

Project Quilting 7 Week Two: Seasons

What a week!  Every spare minute was spent at the machine. Early mornings, late evenings, during lunch breaks and into the wee hours of the morning... all to complete this quilt from start to finish in just one week !

Every time I close my eyes now I see snowflake parts.

This is for week two of Project Quilting 7.
The theme this week was "Seasons"

I opted to do one season.  
Autumn is my favorite season, but I was in the mood for something wintry, and wanted to work in blues.  While perusing the internet for inspiration ideas, I came across this pattern from Quilter Maker Magazine and knew I wanted to have one of my very own.

I couldn't resit making the whole quilt.
I was originally going to make one snowflake and make a table topper,
but I just kept piecing snowflakes like a mad woman!

This beauty measures 67 x 77.
I am in love with it.

I am going to call it  "Snow and Ice"

I'm definitely going to go smaller next week.  It was a huge challenge to get this one done in a week.  And I missed being able to stop and stare and take in the progress as I went.  There just wasn't time for staring.  If that sewing machine wasn't humming along I was getting behind.

When I first started quilting years ago I wanted to have a finished product ASAP! but now I notice I spend more time stopping and admiring the project as it develops.  I really do enjoy the whole quilting process from start to finish.

Make sure you check out all the other fabulous "Seasons" quilts.  Lots of great work went on this week,  You can vote for 6 of your favorites HERE.



  1. This is gorgeous--I can't believe you managed to do it all in just 1 week!

  2. WOW! This is absolutely amazing! I can't believe you made this in just one week!!!!! WOW!!!!

  3. Leah, you set the bar higher with every challenge. This is beautiful and big enough for a bed - made in one week. I bet you are exhausted. Your work is always an inspiration to me and even though I'm sick of snow and ice, I love your quilt.

  4. That was a lot of work for one week but so worth every minute! Beautiful.

  5. I finished this quilt in December of 2014. It was machine pieced and quilted on my home sewing machine. I am truly amazed that you could do this in one week. Hats off to you!!! It's is G-Gorgeous!!!

  6. Having made this exact quilt one year ago, I am astonished that you completed it in one week. You did a fantastic job. Hats off to you!!!

  7. It was worth it that turned out fabulous!

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love it.
    Where did you get this paper pieced pattern? I've had an image of this in my head and was gob stopped to see it finished. Kudos!!!!!