Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Finish Just in Time For Snow

We have snow and ice!  Very seldom do we ever get snow and when we do everything shuts down.
They canceled school yesterday in anticipation of snow.
We could have had a perfectly good half day if we wanted to.
but to be on the safe side they closed everything.

Freezing rain started last night around 5 o'clock yesterday.
I went out to take a few pictures and then enjoyed the rest of the evening in my
sewing room working on my Christmas pinwheel quilt.

I finished the quilting and binding this morning and the dogs and I went out to do a photo shoot in the snow.

Belle likes to eat the snow.

Dean was a happy camper and running all over.

We even saw Roscoe, the neighborhood cat.

I never thought I'd have a quilt with snow in the background.  I'm so excited!
I love seeing quilts in the snow.

I wasn't going to put any quilting in the white part of the pinwheels but as I was about to add the binding I decided they needed a little something, so they all got some squiggles.

School was canceled again today ...

and tomorrow for good measure.

That includes my college class tonight.

I am ok with that.  :)

Notice the choice of foot wear for southern snow.

This is my third finished quilt of the year.
It is also my January finish for A Lovely Year of Finishes, - My goal setting photo can be found here.
It is also my first finish for Quarter One of the 2014 Finish A-Long.



  1. Beautiful quilt in the snow. I love the icicles on the tree shot, just looking at it cooled me down - suffering through a heatwave here in Aussie land.

  2. If you are going to have snow for a quilt photo shoot, this is the right quilt for it. The snow sets it off beautifully

  3. This quilt is just gorgeous! Look fabulous on the snow too!

  4. Such pretty pictures of the snow. This Aussie has never seen snow. Most probably haven't. It's really expensive to visit the ski fields in Australia. Your street is so pretty. A lovely backdrop to your quilt.