Thursday, September 26, 2013

Adding the Red and Blue Strings

I am on the home stretch! My goal is to have the top finished by the next guild meeting, which is October 3.  I already had the blue string blocks finished and today I put them on the design board with the Ohio Star Blocks. This morning I finished up the last of the red string sections.  

Phew, these red triangles took the longest and there weren't even as many of these as there were Hour Glass Blocks.  I definitely know that chain piecing makes things go faster.  I wasn't able to do that with these string blocks though. I took my time finding strings that were just the right length - I hate to waste fabric, even string fabric.  Now that they are done, it will be a breeze to add the "wings" (which I have already started).  Once the wings are on all I have to do is piece the rows together.  I even have the borders ready to go.  I Can't wait to see it all together.  I am totally in love with this quilt!



  1. This reminds me, I still haven't finished mine yet. I think everything but my big string blocks are done, Need to find that box of strings and get busy. I want it done before her next mystery which is in November, especially because I haven't finished last years either.