Friday, September 13, 2013

Busy Quilting - Tish's Pastel Quilt

Wow, based on my blog posts this summer it looks as if I haven't been at the machine.  That is quite the opposite though.  I have spent most of my time at the machine this summer quilting for others.  Unfortunately  I have to wait before I can show the quilts I have been working on since they are surprises.
I do have one that I can show now though.

This is a Quilt I partial pieced and quilted for Tish.  Since she was able to show it off at our guilds UFO Challenge meeting I can now show it off.  She had given me three large 12 inch pieced blocks (the two on the bottom, and the top left) and the large Dresden block in the center and asked me to do something with them. She gave me her pastel fabrics to work with.  After a couple different layout decisions I came up with this.  I had to make another large 12 inch block, the green and yellow Dutchman's puzzle, and then I made four smaller 8 inch pieced blocks to go in between the larger blocks. I surrounded everything thing with 2 inch alternating squares.  I really love how it turned out.  For the quilting, since Tish doesn't like a lot of heavy quilting, I did a loose meander for her.  It turned out lovely.

For the back Tish gave me a large pieced flower block.  I want to say this is a version of the Carolina Lily block, but I am not certain.  I added the yellow corners to it then added enough borders to make it match the front of the quilt.  It makes a nice double sided quilt.

Tish also had me quilt a small table runner for her, but can you believe I didn't get a photo of it!  It has been a long time since I have forgotten to take a picture of a project.  I sure don't want that to happen again!


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