Sunday, September 23, 2012


For the September Friday Night Sew In, I didn't really do much sewing.  Instead I spent the evening doing dome prep work for my dotty Dresden quilt.

 I turned this pile of fabric into a pile of neatly pressed Dresden plate petals.
 I also cut out all the brown circles I will need to finish my quilt.

While I was at it I also decided to press a different set of Dresden plate petals.  I was originally going to use these pastels for my Dots on Dots blog hop block, but I didn't have enough dot fabrics to finish the Dresden plate.  This particular Dresden pate will need 20 petals, and I when I started it, I only had enough dot fabric for 5 petals. I thought about duplicating fabrics, but I really wanted 20 different ones for this project.
 I have since collected a few more pastel dot fabrics, but I am still on the hunt for three three more to finish it up. 

Even though there was no humming of the sewing machine on Friday, I was still very productive.
Now that these petals are prepped and pressed, I can zip them through the machine in no time.



  1. Wow! You got quite a bit done! Love those fabrics!

  2. That is a LOT of prep work. I love getting all the prepping out of the way so I can sit down and plug away at the machine, but oh, I do so dearly hate actually doing the prep work.

  3. those dresdens are going to make a great quilt.