Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Basting and Binding

Today I decided I better baste more quilts because I finished quilting my Spot quilt the other day and that has left me with zero quilts in the "ready to be quilted" pile.  I like having a few quilts basted and ready to go so I rolled back the rug and got to work.  I was baby sitting today though so I had to baste during nap time and in the evening. Through out the day I got three quilt tops basted. 

This first one is the top I finished last November.
I basted it in the morning during the baby's morning nap.

This next one is a top I completed for the Le Petite project last year.
I basted it during the baby's afternoon nap.

 I had to wait till later in the evening to baste this third quilt.  I tried to do it after the baby woke up, but he wanted to crawl all over it so I had to wait till after his mom came and pick him up.  This top currently ranks as my second oldest UFO (un-finished object).  Number 1 is still my log cabin quilt, which you can read about here.

I was on a roll today and would have also basted my Slide Show quilt top (which got it borders on yesterday) and my Starry Eyed Quilt top but I didn't have enough pins left for another big quilt.  

This is my Spot quilt that needs the binding hand stitched down.  It wasn't quite ready for Christmas like I had planned, but it will definitely be ready this December.  It is also a Le Petite project.  When the binding is complete I will only have one Le Petite left to quilt (which is the ric rac one above) and when that one is finished I will have all 12 Le Petite projects totally completed.  Yay!!!


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  1. I like all your quilts...but I love that Christmas quilt. Good Job!