Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini Vacation

Not much sewing went on this weekend.
We went down to the beach to celebrate my son's 12th birthday. 
 We spent the night in one of the hotels on the beach and enjoyed all their pools-both indoor and out. The weather was pretty nice for January, it was in the low 60's but the outdoor pool water was freezing!  That didn't stop my kids from jumping in though. Their cousin came to swim with us too and they all took turns jumping into the freezing water and then hopping in the hot tub.
They said they want to join the polar bear club.

I only caught toes as my youngest went under but I really like this photo.

We were on the 11th floor and we had a great view of the the 10th floor outdoor pool.
Here all the kids lined up and planned to jump in all at the same time, but three chickened out. They eventually all jumped in one at a time and the then immediately hit the hot tub.

View from our balcony.

Later on we took a walk down the board walk.  I am definitely not a professional photographer, but I wanted to try some trick photography.  My son is "holding" his siblings in this photo, but I either ended up having him blurry or them blurry, I couldn't seem to get them both in focus at the same time.  But it was fun to try and it was something I didn't have to beg the kids to pose for. 

It was as super short vacation, but it sure was fun! Definitely a great birthday present enjoyed by all.


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