Thursday, January 5, 2012

2nd Finish of 2012

This is a my Le Petite project for December 2010.   It is a charm pattern from This and That quilt patterns by Sherri K. Falls and is called Butter Churn. 
It is now a finish and next Christmas I can lay it out on the table as a quilt instead of a flimsy.  

Funny thing is, when I first started the Le petite projects I was totally against buying precuts. Now, a year later, I LOVE precuts.  Oh how wonderful they are.  You get a wee bit of the whole fabric line and and all the fabrics play well together.  And if you can find them on sale you can get them for the same price as regular yardage.  I am definitely sold on precuts and my favorite patterns are the ones that use the entire precut with no scraps left over.  So far all the Schnibbles I have made seem to do just that.  



  1. Now your just showing off hahaha... wonderful finishes for the new year I bet you are feeling very proud xxx

  2. pretty, pretty, pretty...

    pretty colors, pretty pattern...and pretty darn good having a second finish already for 2012! =)