Monday, May 23, 2011

Side Tracked with The Abbey Bag

I got the new Connecting Threads catalogue in the mail the other day and saw this cute scrap bag kit.  It is The Abbey Bag pattern and uses their new line of sewing themed fabrics.  I thought they looked really cute and ordered myself a kit.  It came in the mail Saturday and I started on it right away.  I finished them both up Sunday afternoon and can't decide which one I like best. I suppose I could keep one at my cutting table and one at the sewing machine.  :)

Very seldom do my two cats sit by each other, they usually prefer opposite couches, but this morning I guess the sun coming in the window and the soft quilt made them both want to relax in the same place.
Jasper and Sheen



  1. The bags are awesome! I really wanted to make one for myself but I was too cheap so I found a free pattern from the internet. I totally prefer the connecting threads pattern though for its cuteness. Anyway, I use mine all of the time! I dont think I could sew without it!!

  2. I'm ready to curl up with your kitties! They look so comfy and content.

  3. I love these bags! I need to make at least one too! Impressive that you started and finished so quickly.

  4. Cute scrap bags. I saw that pattern. Nice job!