Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Block Progress

        Today was a busy day for me around the house, but every now and then I would steal 15 min or so and sit at the sewing machine to work on some projects.  I am simultaneously working on two projects and during my short bursts of sewing time I made 5 more string blocks and the Sawtooth Star blocks for the table topper and place mats I am making.  I am impressed at how much I got done during those several 15 minute sewing sessions.  I really felt like I didn't have much time at the machine today, but when I take a peek at the blocks on the design wall, I must admit I got more done than I realized.

Tomorrow looks to be another busy day with three of my kids out of school.  My oldest has two more days left filled with exams, but she also has early dismissal at 11:45. So between kids, chores, and school pickup, I may have to do 15 minute sewing intervals again tomorrow.



  1. I so love your string blocks xxx

  2. I find I get the most done when I do 15 minute intervals! People ask why I get so much done and that is exactly why. I take advantage of any time I have!