Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last of the 5

Last night around midnight I put the last hand stitch in the binding of my pink Zig Zag quilt.  This one was the last of the 5 quilts that I basted all on the same day at the end of March.

I can't decide if I like this quilt.  Some of my daughter's friends, who came over while I was working on it, said, "oh I really like that," and sometimes when I glance at it I really like it too, but on occasion when I stare at it too long I think, "ew, I shouldn't have used that shade of pink".  The main reason I made it was to try out a technique posted by Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts.   So I am undecided as to what to do with this quilt.

In between the 5 quilts I basted in the end of March, I finished 6 other quilts and one diaper pouch.  They are all pictured below (except for one which has to stay secret till June 2).  They all had deadlines for the end of April/May so I made them a priority over this zig zag quilt.  I suppose that is another reason why it took me over a year and half from start to finish for this pink and white quilt.  Since it didn't have a preset destination or wasn't needed for a special event, it kept getting put at the back of the to do list.  

The last photo of my cat napping on a quilt at my sewing machine is now a finished quilt, but I don't want to show that one all the way until it is revealed at my next quilt guild meeting in June.  It is for my guild's yearly challenge.  The theme for that challenge was 9 patch.  In June all the quilts from the challenge will be revealed at the Hartsville Museum and be on display all summer for everyone to see.  I am excited for that meeting.

Now I feel the need to baste 5 more quilts so I can have something to work on in between customer projects and quilts that need to get done for special days like birthday's and upcoming holidays.



  1. I love this zig zag quilt . I have been a P/Q for many years and so often said " I,m going to do a zig zag next " but so many designs and so little time .
    Over the last few weeks I have made 2 large 9 patch quilts--cottonreel

  2. Wow you have been busy with all those projects. Pink is a colour that I struggle with too. Sometimes I love it, sometimes not so much. I think your quilt is lovely!

  3. love your zigzag quilt and the others as well. such talent.

  4. WOW! That is beautiful! I jsut made a pink-to-purple quilt using the same pattern,a nd it is nowhere near as pretty. I really love how you quilted inbetween the zigs. I thought of doing this but didn't think to do more than one line. I love it this way!! Great job.