Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gift for a Friend

I made these dishcloths for one of my friends for Christmas. Two are knitted and the other two are crocheted. I made them earlier in the year but didn't want to post about them until now because I know she checks my blog from time to time.  I didn't want to spoil any surprises.  

It was a good thing I made them earlier this year, because the 4 quilt project I took on in December took up most of my craft time for the month.  It left me with hardly any time to make anything else.  I am still working on one last Christmas project.  I suppose it will have to be a New Year's Gift instead.

~~New Year's Resolution  -  Schedule my time more wisely in the coming year.~~


  1. You have some very lucky friends! The dishcloths are wonderful.

  2. Leah, these are beautiful! Lucky friend :) Your four quilt project was very nice also, by the way :) Great job!!

  3. I love knitted dishcloths. They are the best.

  4. What a lovely combination! Love them!