Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland Postcards - Set #1

This postcard was made for the Stashbuster's Winter Wonderland Swap.
I used leftover scraps of fabric with wonder under already on them.
The white was the left over remains from when I punched out some fabric clouds with my sizzix.
I cut all the pieces into very small shapes and ironed them onto the card.  Unfortunately, it is really hard to see all the white scraps in the photo.  I scanned the first photo, and then took the second one outside, but neither setting helped improve on the detailed view.

After I ironed all the scraps, I laid down some big snowflake sequence all over, even in the white snow, then covered it with white tulle and meander stitched over the whole thing to keep the snowflakes in place.

I made two of these and shipped them out at the end of November, so they should have arrived at their destinations by now.  I have another set of Winter Wonderland Themed cards that I have to make for another group, but they aren't due till later on in the month, I better get crackin'.  :)


  1. These are gorgeous!! I'm trying my hand at a post card right now and hope to show you soon ... Wow you are truly talented and very inspiring ... thank you!