Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Postcards from Quilt Leftovers

My newest postcards are made scraps leftover from a quilt I made in the summer of 2007. It was a rail fence quilt.
When I was making the quilt and cutting the squares for the rails, I didn't have quite enough fabric to get another full square, but I kept the leftovers figuring I would eventually rip out the stitches and have some 2in x 5in fabric bricks to play with later.
Well, three years have passed and I still haven't ripped out those stitches.  Then came along my newest postcard swapping theme "Skinny Skinny Strips",  and I knew just what fabrics to use.   These leftover rail fence blocks, or wannabe blocks, were just the right size to fit on my 4 x 6 postcards with enough fabric left over to make the skinny skinny strips on the top.  I added a flower and leaves to go with it and Viola!  My newest postcard!  I only needed 4 for the swap but I made seven.  So now I have some extra to send out.  Time to enter some 1 on 1 swaps and send a couple in the mail to some friends.  :)

This is the rail fence quilt I made in 2007 with an extra photo of the quilting.  I practiced my feathers on the blue and green fabrics and did some swirly Qs on the pink fabric and bug fabric.  It now resides in Tennessee with a good friend.


  1. Fantastic! Love this card.....someone is going to be real happy when checking their mail box.

  2. Love the postcard. I want to try some myself.

  3. I just love your fabric postcard, you did an excellent job on it.

    I am trying to start a sewing challenge blog. I would post a challenge theme, then you would post your project which goes along with the theme, then random generator would pick a winner, and they would win a little something, something. You can get the details here if your interested, Paula's Sewing Challenges. If this interests let me hear your feedback, if not, then sorry for the inconvenience.

  4. Great use "orphan blocks" to make fabric post cards!

    Beautiful work as always!