Monday, November 1, 2010

La Petite - A year of Small Projects - #1

 The Paganini pattern was the first pattern posted for the La Petite, A year of Small Projects.  Last year was A Year of Schibbles and I really enjoyed looking at the parade of quilts posted in October and was wishing I found out about those projects sooner.   Now a new "year" of projects has started and this time I signed up to play. 

I wasn't excited about this pattern at first, it just didn't seem to jump out at me, and I would never have purchased it on my own, but since I wanted to play, I jumped right in and bought it anyway.  Then as I started making it, I really began to like it.  It is sort of like shopping for clothes.  You see something not too great on the rack, but decide to try it on anyway.  Once you get it on, you find out you look great in it, fall in love with it, and take it home.  That was the same for me and this pattern.

The pattern was designed to use charm packs, but I don't usually buy charm packs, I have only purchased one in my whole 
lifetime.  So I cut the squares out of my yardage.  But when I cut one 5 inch strip to get enough squares, I still had half the strip left. So I kept cutting squares and decided to make two quilts.  After all, there are four designs to play with in this pattern,  I made V3 first, and with the extra squares I will make V4.  

Since this project was for the month of October, I decided I needed another Halloween decoration. So I cut into my collection of Halloween fabrics and my oranges for this quilt and I love how it turned out. I Absolutely love it!!  I wish I could work on the second one right away, but alas, I have other quilts that have deadlines looming, so I will have to put the rest of the fabrics in their own project bin till next year when I have free time to work on my own quilts.

Enough squares for two quilts.
Triangles laid out on my makeshift design wall to make sure I sewed my HST correctly.
HST stacked in 4 rows of 4 to start block construction.

I added some close up photos of the quilting for Tarnyia. :)


  1. Great colours... very Autumn... how are you going to quilt it? I to loved all the sqibbles from last year and I am sure I will enjoy this years xxx

  2. WOW love the quilting detail xxx

  3. I love Halloween prints! I have quite a collection and need to do something with them. Next year of course. I really like what you did with yours. Great work!

  4. I spotted this one in the parade and loved that it was for Fall! Thanks for your visit!!

  5. I love this little quilt. So much for my swearing off buying more patterns! LOL