Thursday, October 28, 2010

A UFO Finish - Just in time for Halloween

 I made the top for this quilt in 2006 at the end of summer.  At the same time I made three other Halloween quilt tops.  Two got quilted right away, one got quilted three years later, but this one sat basted and ready to go for three years.  I decided this one needed to get finished this year.  Heck, it was already basted, the hard part was already done.  So I used the free time I had in between other projects to worked on this one.  During one session, I quilting the free hand spiderwebs around the floating squares.  During another sitting I added the meandered pumpkins.  A few weeks later I worked on the designs inside the triangles.  Finally all I had left was the border and I finished up that up last week. This week I was able to attach the binding and last night while watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, I hand stitched down all the binding.  YAY!! Another UFO crossed off the list.

For now it sits folded nice and neat under this little table near the front door.  On top of the table are little tiny treat bags I made with some of the leftover scraps.  The pattern comes from The Happy Zombie and can be downloaded here. They sure are quite fun and quick to make.  I really want to make more of them.  We shall see if time permits before Halloween arrives in three days.

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