Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rag Quilt for Baby Girl

My newest finish - A rag quilt for a baby girl.  My cousin's baby is due in the middle of November so this needed to get done pretty quick.  I started it early Tuesday morning and finished it up late this afternoon.

With the finish of this quilt, I am left with about half a yard of the flowered flannel fabric. I have made quite a few rag quilts with this fabric, but unfortunately what I have left is not enough to make another one.  I will have to figure out what else to do with this left over peice and all my other flannel scraps.  Perhaps a scrappy flannel double Irish chain.  Hmm, that may be a good possibility.

I'm loving my pumpkin in this photo.  It doesn't really go with the  pink and yellow, but I wanted to have something Autumn in the picture, and what represents Autumn best besides colored leaves? Why a pumpkin of course.  :)

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