Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink Bowl

When I made the previous two clothesline bowls, my son thought they were the neatest thing and he wanted me to make one for his school teacher.  Since I know his teacher loves pink, we decided to make her an all pink bowl.

I wanted to decorate this one up a bit so I took the last bit of the clothesline and swirled it around a few times just for looks. Then I added some very small yo yo's for a more dramatic effect.  I love it!!  I loved it so much I wanted to keep it for myself.  But then again, those are the best items to give away.  If it is good enough to keep it is definitely the kind of workmanship you want to give away.   :)


  1. Do you really need to buy a whole book for these Babies? Look easy enough!!

  2. Your bowls are beautiful! I took a calss in making these a few years ago from the author. Mine was only as big as your hand... yours are very impressive!

  3. I love your bowls. I think I need to come for a lesson. lol Why dont u move closer to me?