Friday, June 11, 2010

Iris Folded Fabric Postcard

Last month my friend sent me this special card card for my Birthday.  She made it herself using a technique called Iris Folding.   Since I had never heard of that particular technique before, I decided to Google it and find out all I could.  It is done using small folded strips of paper and placing them around a specific pattern shape.  

Since all the designs I found were small enough to fit on my 4 x 6 fabric postcards, I kept wondering if I could make one out of fabric instead of paper.  So I pulled out my left over fabric scraps and gave it a try.  This whale is my first attempt.  It really was quite fun to make it, and I printed out some other free patterns from the Circle of Crafters website to try later on.  


  1. Dear Leah,
    the kitty looks great. It's really an interesting technique.

  2. Very pretty whale!

    I have tried iris folding once with paper, and is toying with the idea of using fabric too. You have done it so neatly with the edges.