Friday, June 13, 2008

Postcard Flowers

Above are two flower postcards I have made recently. One was for a swap titled "What will the daisies tell...". I printed the He loves me, He Loves me not on some white muslin and cut them into daisy petals. As I was ironing on the last petal I realized I had left out the "s" on He loves me not. I gasped and stared at the cards. I had a total of four on the table.

Contemplating what to do, I decided instead of pulling all the petals off and ruining the card, I would mail them out as is. I explained to the ladies receiving them that the woman pulling off the petals was so distraught at the thought of He loves me not, that she couldn't talk straight. ;)

The next card didn't have a flower theme, instead I had to use the word Feet as my inspiration for this card. I chose to cut out lots of tiny feet and turn them into a colorful flower for summer. I think it turned out lovely.

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