Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt

I have to go to the Farmers Festival this Saturday to represent the quilt guild I am in. Since I am one of the few members who live in Lake City, where the festival is being held, I was put in charge of the event. I called the ladies at the Bean Museum, the place we were asked to set up, and asked what they expected of us while we were there. They said they would like us to set up a quilt frame, demonstrate hand quilting, and be on hand to answer any questions anyone may have about quilting in general.

Well, I had a home made quilt frame, but I didn't have a quilt top to put on it. So, I made this scrappy log cabin for the event. I wanted to make it small, (45in x 60in) because I knew if I made it too big, it would sit a very long time till I could finish any handwork that wouldn't get done at the festival.

I prefer to machine quilt my quilts because I like to see quick progress and machine quilting gives me just that. I do like the look of hand quilting as well, though, and have tried it a few times, so hopefully I won't look too much like a novice at the festival Saturday

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