Sunday, March 5, 2017

Project Quilting Week 5 - "Well Dressed Man"

This week's theme for Project Quilting was a tough one for me.  I spent most of the week trying to come up with an idea. Finally Quiet Play's Dr. Who patterns popped into my head.  Surely all the doctors are considered well dressed men right? I decided to create one of my favorite doctor's... 

the 10th doctor, David Tennant. Looks just like him, yeah?

I tried several different "walls" for him to lean on, but he kept looking lonely all by himself.  Then I had the grand idea to have him leaning against the Tardis,  so I found a Tardis pattern at Fandom in Stitches and enlarged it a bit to make it somewhat realistic in size to the Doctor.

  Well, I didn't resize it big enough.  I think I should have made it 20 inches or more instead.
Not wanting to start over, I put it off in the distance a bit instead.
I found some Tula Pink fabric for the border and called it finished.
This mini quilt measures 20.5 x 19.

Make sure you check out all the other entries at Persimon Dreams and see how everyone else interpreted a "Well Dressed Man".  You can vote for your favorites after 12:00pm CST.



  1. Well, it actually does kinda look like David Tennant! Nice piece.

  2. Great idea and I love your paper piecing!

  3. oh, wow!!!! Just Wow!!! This is my favorite Well Dressed Man share :)

  4. I knew exactly Who that was. Great job.

  5. you blow my mind! Every week! Every challenge! Amazing job!