Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Holders

 One of the Young Women leaders at church asked me if I would make some book holders for the girls to keep their little church books organized.

I say little because the books are about 7 inches high.  I didn't have any of the books that go inside so I didn't get to take a picture showing how they look inside.  I also didn't think to take a photo of them open, but you can see some open versions here.  On the inside is three slots for books and a small pocket for a pen.
The tutorial I used called for fat quarters, but I also used some of the larger pieces from my scrap bins

To decorate the fronts, I used some of the  flowers I made this spring for the 60's blog hop.
My son also helped make some extra flowers that matched better with some of the other fabrics.

These were fun and super quick to sew up,  I cut them out one evening, and then sewed them all up the next night.  I gave them to the Young Women on Wednesday night and they were a big hit.



  1. Great idea and these are super cute. We older women use something similar to keep in our purses. We use them to hold our pad and pencil so that we can keep track of what is going on. We are able to keep up with the dates of the things we need to do. (BTW--These make great Christmas presents for the elderly in the Church.

  2. Lovely book covers you have sew generously created. Thank you for sharing the links too. Creative Book Bliss...

  3. they are really sweet, I love the addition of the flowers

  4. Cute little book keepers. Could be handy for many things. Love the flowers.