Friday, June 27, 2014

Progress on Mondo Bags.

Finally made some progress on my three Mondo Bags. Most of the month of June has been busy with traveling and game playing.  I did sew a few minutes a day, and when I say few I mean one seam a day sometimes.  That makes for some slow progress, but I finally have all the sections sewn together and all the inside fabric cut and ironed onto the fusible fleece.   I have to travel again this weekend so I might not get these done in time to be added as a finish for my second quarter Finish-A-Long. 

I also still need to finish my goal for A lovely year of Finishes too.  Egads, I only have three and half days of the month left. I might not make my June goal for ALYOF.  Ah well, too much playing around in the month of June I suppose. I have been enjoying the summer.


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