Monday, April 7, 2014

Goals for Q2 Finish A-Long and April's ALYOF

I did pretty good with my list for the first quarter of the 2014 Finish A-Long.
I finished six on my list of twelve.  I wanted 7 but I got busy with school and the community play, so I am happy with 6 finishes. You can see which ones got done here.

For my Quarter Two list I moved over the ones that didn't get finished in Q1 and add six new ones.
Here they are...

Christmas Quilt
Started December 2012
This one is so close to being done.

Slide Show
Started November 2011
This is its third appearance on a Finish along list.
I do believe it is time for it to get finished.
Mondo Bag x 3
Started Summer 2013
Third time on the list as well.
These need to get done since they are going to be gifts.
I don't want to be waiting till Dec 20 to finish these.

Jewel Box Quilt
Started November 2011
Border fabric has been picked out so I am good to go on this one.

Baby Cakes Quilt
Started April 2012

Christmas Dresdens
Started December 2012
These I am uncertain of the layout I want.
Perhaps this quarter inspiration will strike.

The six new UFOs for this quarter are:

Floating Pinwheels
Started January 2014
I am also making this one my goal for April's A Lovely Year of Finishes.

Colorful Lone Stars
Started January 2014

Stripe Tube Quilt
Started April 2012

Do something with this top. 
Started May 2012

I am going to change the sashing.
I don't like it so much and that is why it became a UFO.

Butterfly Quilt
Started April 2008

Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along
Started September 2011

I have listed almost all my big quilt tops.
I have couple left, but I will save those for next quarter.   :)

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  1. Wow, you've done so much! Well done.

  2. So many beautiful WIPs!!! I especially love a Jewel Box, and yours is no exception! I wouldn't know where to start with so many lovelies!!! I hope you finish every single one!!!

  3. So many are nearly done. Good luck finishing!