Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gamecock Quilt

 If you live in South Carolina you are either a Clemson Tiger fan or a Carolina Gamecock fan.
I particularly don't see the point in rooting for a chicken when everyone knows that tigers eat chickens.

That being said, one of my guild mates wanted me to quilt her Gamecock quilt for her.  She is giving it to one of her relatives for Christmas.  I finished it a couple weeks ago and gave it to her at our December guild meeting.  She did a great job with the piecing.  She even fussy cut the row of Gamecock logos so there is a chicken... er I mean Gamecock centered in each square.  

I quilted some overall freehand footballs for her mixed with some double swirls.

She did request that I put one tiger paw in the quit for her. I was happy to oblige.
She obviously knows Tigers trump chickens.


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