Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Crafting

Wow, it has been a busy month.  I didn't get everything on my schedule finished, but I got what was needed finished. First I basted my Starry Night Christmas Quilt, which is on the schedule to quilt during the rest of Christmas Break.

I also basted the last shirt quilt (which I didn't get a picture of) and my Slide Show quilt.

Next on the list was cutting out the fabrics for a new Christmas Quilt.  I asked my brother if I could have some of his beach photos to hang on my wall, (He takes great Ocean wave and beach shots and sells them on his Surf Report Website, Nimbuss Grand Strand Surfing, under the Seascape Photography link.)  He said he would gladly trade me some of his ocean shots for a Christmas quilt, so I picked out 20 red fabrics, and 20 green fabrics and got cutting.
I actually cut out enough to make a couple different Christmas quilts, but for now I focused on making my brother's quilt. 

 I started turning the squares in to Half Square Triangles and was on a roll laying them out and sewing blocks together when my daughter came down with an illness.  We took her to the hospital a day later when we ruled out a stomach virus, but it was too late, her appendix had burst and she and I had an all exclusive 6 day stay in the hospital.

There wasn't much to do for six days in the hospital other than watch TV and play with our tablets and that got boring after awhile, so I brought my knitting needles along and finished up some Christmas presents.  I knitted 10 dishcloths while waiting things out in the hospital.   I had a few already made from the past couple months, and made a few more the last couple weeks before Christmas for a total of 35.  
(The photo below only has 31.  I mailed four before I thought to stack them all and take a photo.)

I made a total of 9 sets that I gave away for Christmas.

And as always, my pets are always close by when I am crafting.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.



  1. I really like the quilt tops you finished and your brothers is looking great too. Is there a pattern or tutorial for the slide show quilt anywhere? I hope your daughter is feeling well now.

  2. Oh my~ so sorry your DD had a ruptured appendix! I hope she is feeling much better. Love all the dish clothes! The round one is very intriguing. Also love the quilts. Have fun quilting them!

  3. Oh my glad you were in the good hands of the medical staff to help your daughter...that must have been a horrible experience but it sounds like you made lemons out of lemonade with all those finished dishcloths while she mended! I love your quilts..Starry Night is especially stunning and that Christmas quilt is really looking beautiful as well.

  4. Your quilts are so beautify.
    Liebe Grüße Grit