Sunday, July 15, 2012


I got lots of progress done during FNSI this weekend.  I finished up Beverly's second quilt and my Mondo bag.  I was gone all day yesterday though and didn't get a chance to take pictures or post my projects so I am doing it today.

I don't have a picture of Beverly's second quilt yet because it has been raining on and off today and I didn't want to risk it getting wet.  I did take some photos of the Mondo Bag though.

This is one huge bag. It is 10 x 10 across the bottom.
And the fusible fleece makes it stand up all on its own.

This is going to be a great bag to carry my show and tell to guild meetings, and for the beach, and for overnight or weekend trips.

I did have trouble with the lining though. The pattern said to make the lining the same way as the outer bag. So I did that, but once everything was sewed together and flipped right side out the outer corners of the bag did not match up with the corners of the lining and the lining would not lay properly inside the bag. It looked like a wadded mess of fabric in the bottom of the bag.  

I couldn't deal with that so I unstitched the whole thing this afternoon. I thought that if I rotated the lining one turn the inner and outer corners would line up. After fiddling with that for an hour and getting no where I finally realized that because of the construction method of this bag I had to sew the lining together in the opposite direction of the instructions. So I unstitched the entire lining and resewed it together, backwards.  After I did that the lining fit snug and now I have nice full corners on the outside and nice smooth lining on the inside.



  1. I just love that bag!! Great colours!!

  2. The bag turned out great! The colors are fun.