Saturday, March 31, 2012

T is for Turtle

I have finished this months "Another Year of Schnibbles" all the way down to the hand stitched binding.

The official name for the pattern is Bibelot, but I think I will call mine "T is for Turtles".
The fabrics remind me of green and brown turtle shells swimming in blue water.  

I picked a blue and green paisly-ish fabric from my stash for the back.

I had planned to do some fancy swirly stuff in all the T's but I thought that would take too long, so I decided to stitch in the ditch around EVERYTHING, which ended up taking as long as my previous plan.

Either way I Love It!!
 I am going to put it in the family room so it can keep little legs warm while watching tv.

I love this stripe binding.  

oh, and it is definitely cat approved.
This time Jasper had to take a turn sitting on it while I was adding the binding.

He rubbed his head all over the machine,

then stretched out and got comfy

This makes finish #10 for the year!



  1. Your Bibelot is adorable and totally finished. Wow, wow, wow! I, too, like the striped binding.

  2. Sometimes simple quilting is the most effective. Lovely quilt!

  3. Oh, Leah!! How very lovely!! your fabric choices are luscious!!

  4. Oh, Leah!! How very lovely!! your fabric choices are luscious!!

  5. Cute! How funny your kitty right next to the sewing machine.

  6. Gorgeous quilt! Just love the colors and choice of fabrics. I would have named your quilt "T" Quilt. Jasper certainly approves!

  7. Nice to see your quilts are all 'Cat Approved'. Love the binding too!! Another great quilt!!

  8. It's wonderful! I love that you quilted it in the ditch. I really like that look on a quilt. It's perfect for the T's!

  9. T is for Turtles is gorgeous. I love everything about it ~ the colors, the fabrics, the binding and the name! Awesome.

    And thank you for including the pictures of Jasper's participation in the application of the binding. They're wonderful... just so long as Rosie doesn't get any ideas. :)