Friday, September 30, 2011


I have finished the quilting on my guild mate's king size quilt.   She mentioned to me that she wanted straight line quilting similar to that which is on the cover of the book "Nearly Insane" by Liz Lois


 I love all the different blocks in this quilt and all the different colors.  It is a fun quilt to look at.

It is also very heavy.  It has wool batting and heavy flannel on the back.
This will be a great bed quilt for winter.

After quilting this biggie, you'd think I would take a break, but nope
I already have another quilt on the machine.   :)



  1. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog through 'Jans Musings' for some time, but have recently started a blog of my own. I just love that quilt you have just quilted!
    Caz x

  2. Leah!
    What a fantastic colourful and varied quilt.
    I found your blog from a comment
    you left over on Postmark'dArt.
    I also received a "sleepy lion" from Janet .
    My "song title" is underway at the moment.

  3. Leah, you did an absolutely beautiful job on D's quilt. The weight of this quilt was difficult.
    I have loved D's quilt from the beginning and now I can say again how beautiful it is.

  4. Leah, You did an absolutely beautiful job quilting
    D's quilt. It could not have been easy with the weight of the wool batting and the flannel backing.
    I have watched this quilt progress from the beginning and was facinated by the blocks. D did not paper piece the quilt but cut out all the little pieces and sewed them together.
    It is a truly beautiful quilt and both you and D did an incredible piece of craftswomanship.